Bookworm Adventures has its own comic book – and it’s called Bookworm

A new comic book series from the creators of The Adventures of Sonic Adventure has been announced.

The first issue will be released in February and will feature a special guest appearance by the band from Sonic Boom.

Bookworm Comics co-creator Adam B. Smith, who also created Sonic Boom, said he was honoured to be asked to join a team of people who are just as passionate about comics as he is.

“I think the whole thing about Sonic Boom is that it is one of the most popular Sonic games in history,” Mr Smith said.

“You have a lot of fans and fans are still playing it today.”

We thought it would be a good way to celebrate the Sonic Boom series that’s been around for a long time.

“The idea was that we would just take the fans and put them into the role of writing this book and we’d have a little bit of a cameo by them.”

The new series will feature the adventures of Sonic and Amy, a trio of teenagers who embark on a journey to find and save their world from the evil bookworm.

“It’s been a dream for us to make a Sonic book and have people be the creators,” Mr B. said.

The new book is set in the future, and features some familiar characters from the Sonic games: Sonic, Amy and Amy’s brother, Knuckles, the hero who saves the day.

“That was a big inspiration for us and it was a huge help,” Mr S. said of the team behind the series.

“So, we hope that people can get excited about what this is going to be and that it will have the fans excited about it.”

And we’ve had a lot fans asking for a cameo in the book, so we have a big fan in there too.

“Read more Sonic Boom: The Adventure Zone, the series, will be published by DC Comics in February.

But, we did find a way.””

We wanted to do a story in which the characters we love and are very familiar with, such as Sonic and his friends, Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles and Amy and her brother, can all be brought together in one big adventure,” Mr G. said, adding he had no idea how to tie the series together.

“But, we did find a way.”

Mr Smith said he felt that a book series was a perfect fit for Sonic Boom’s popularity.

“When you look at the success of the Sonic Adventure games, the fact that people have been playing these games for so long and the popularity of the characters they’re playing with, I think that makes the book a really important character in the Sonic world,” he said.


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