Fallout 4 review: It’s good, but not a must-buy

If you’ve never played Fallout 4, you might be forgiven for thinking that its gameplay is so similar to that of Fallout 3, which it is.

But that’s not quite right.

While Fallout 4 is a fun game to play and has a strong campaign, it isn’t the definitive experience that Bethesda has been aiming for.

It’s a solid and enjoyable game, but it is not a Must-Buy.


The game is just as good as Fallout 3.


The campaign is great.


It does a good job of giving you an introduction to the world.


It features a ton of new enemies, too.

The real difference is in the gameplay itself.

Fallout 4 has plenty of combat, but you’ll have to make up for the lack of the game’s signature gunplay by taking out every last enemy in sight.

Fallout 3’s campaign is a little more involved, but that doesn’t mean that the game is less of a blast.

You’ll find yourself spending hours fighting off hordes of feral ghouls, mutants, bandits, and other enemies that will make you sweat in a variety of ways.

There’s plenty of story to keep you on your toes, but there’s not much to keep the main storyline interesting.

And, of course, there are plenty of side quests to do, so don’t forget to go in the right direction if you’re in a hurry.

But if you are going to play a game that’s so similar, Fallout 4 will still have its problems.

Fallout 4’s Campaign You can’t have a perfect campaign.

Fallout: New Vegas was the first Bethesda released in 2007, and it’s one of the most enjoyable shooters ever.

But it also came with a few key differences.

The original game, which had a fairly linear story and few branching paths, took you through the world of the Commonwealth in one big package.

In Fallout 4 you get three distinct campaigns: the first is the first level of the campaign, which is the beginning of the story and serves as a starting point for the rest of the experience.

The second is a tutorial level, which teaches you the basics of combat and how to use the main guns.

The third is the final level, where you fight your way through the Commonwealth, ending up with the best weapon and armor you’ve ever seen in your life.

The campaigns are essentially the same, with one major difference: the second and third campaigns are completely different.

Fallout New Vegas’s campaign has a fairly long list of objectives, which players will eventually complete, but in the meantime, the game introduces a few new mechanics and mechanics to spice things up.

The most notable of these is the companion system, which lets you interact with your companions, each of which will be an interesting character with its own unique abilities and weapons.

Your companions also have some unique abilities, and they also all have a unique set of dialogue lines.

You can also take part in side quests, which are scattered throughout the game.

You might find yourself running into an old friend, or you might get lost in a cave, or in the woods.

The Fallout 4 companion system isn’t a bad thing, but its biggest selling point is its ability to help flesh out the characters in your party.

The companions are not limited to being an easy way to help your companions along, either.

When you get to the end of the level, your companions will start talking to each other.

This can be very interesting, but don’t expect to know everything about your companions’ personalities or personalities’ relationships.

For example, some companions might be more interested in talking to you, while others might be a bit more interested with you.

In short, the companions in Fallout 4 are all really cool, and if you can get past the “nice to have” aspect of the companion systems, the Fallout 4 companions are an amazing way to introduce your characters to the rest at the start of the adventure.

The combat system in Fallout: 4 is just what you’d expect.

While the first three levels of the Fallout 3 campaign can be played without a gun, the final four levels of Fallout 4 take advantage of the weapon system to great effect.

Guns are available in the game as well, and you’ll find various types of guns that you can use to shoot your enemies, as well as different kinds of grenades and other special weapons that you’ll need to deal with specific enemies.

While not as heavily used as the guns from Fallout 3 or New Vegas, you’ll still find yourself with plenty of weapons and armor that you might not have had in Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

There are a few different types of ammo types available as well.

You get two types of ammunition in Fallout New Games: shotgun shells and energy ammunition.

Shotgun shells are very good for hitting enemies and destroying structures, but they can also be used to create explosive devices and other damage.

Energy ammunition is used to power up your character and power up the guns in your

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