How ‘Adventure Time’ became the first ‘Adventure’ to get a TV series

It’s not exactly clear what the hell is going on with Adventure Time right now.

But the show is back, albeit not in a much different form than it was in its most recent run.

But it is a lot different than it used to be.

Adventure Time is back!

The show is being produced by Cartoon Network and is slated to air this fall on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim network.

So is this the end of the world for the beloved show?

Yes, it’s a bit of a weird time to be a fan of the show, and yes, it feels like the show’s creators, Pendleton Ward and David Curran, are making a huge mistake.

The series has been the subject of a ton of debate, both on and off-screen, over the past year.

Many people think that this is an episode of the first season, and that they’re really only looking at what is happening in the show.

Others argue that they should include everything that happens in the episode, which makes sense for a show that is supposed to be episodic.

However, the show was actually originally a half-hour mini-series that aired from 2004-2006, and fans have been waiting for a full season ever since.

This isn’t a new concept for fans of the series, and many have pointed out that the original mini-trough was actually the showrunners’ first attempt to create a full-length series, rather than just a half of an episode.

But when the series was initially announced, it was clear that it was something that was coming to Adult Swim, and they had been developing it for a while.

So there was definitely some excitement surrounding this project, even before the first official announcement.

So what’s the problem with this episode?

Well, in its original form, the episode was pretty good, and it was one of the best episodes of Adventure Time.

But that was all before Pendleton and David decided to try and make a full episode.

The episode opens with Jake, Finn, Princess Bubblegum, and the rest of the gang heading to the local toy store, where the group buys a giant toy.

In the episode’s final scene, the group is shown walking through a giant monster toy store.

The monsters that they buy in the store are all different shapes and sizes, and we’re shown them in the toy store’s back room.

As we look through the shop, we see that there are also some toys in there for people to use as weapons.

So as the show opens, we’re not actually seeing the full toy store itself, but rather just the giant toy in the back room, which is filled with a giant robot that looks like a giant mechanical monkey.

We’re then introduced to the group of characters that are in the shop and it’s revealed that the robot has been transformed into a giant version of the character.

The scene is filled to the brim with action, with Finn fighting his way through several robots and a giant alien robot.

The robot itself is actually very well designed, with a long neck and long arms, but the robot’s eyes are completely blue, so that makes it seem like a green alien.

In addition, we have some cool effects shots of the robot being dragged by its arms, like this giant robot trying to drag a giant dolly down the hill.

These shots are fantastic, but there’s a problem.

When the show first aired, Adventure Time had very little in the way of character development.

This was because the show did not have a central villain or an antagonist.

Instead, the characters were the ones who would go on adventures with the other characters, and were in the business of killing each other.

The original episodes had a bunch of the main characters being killed, but this was cut from the final episodes.

In fact, many of the villains in the first two seasons of Adventure Times were never revealed to the audience.

So this was a problem for Pendleton, and he had to figure out a way to give the characters new life.

The solution was to use Finn and Jake to get involved in the fight against a giant android that’s been controlling the town.

In this fight, Finn is shown using his sword to smash the giant robot’s head.

It’s a great idea for the show to have Finn and the gang get involved with a villain who was not seen as a main villain in the original episodes.

When Finn and his friends return home, they find the robot they fought earlier in the week in its final state.

As they see it, the robot is a replica of Princess Bubblegy, who they used to fight during the first few seasons.

So Finn and company decide to kill Princess Bubbley, who is then transformed into an army of robots.

The main character is not shown in the final episode, and this is the first time the main character was revealed in the series.

In short, it felt like the story was moving on, and as

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