How to create a zion film about Israel’s Arab neighbours

The zion enterprise is the story of the creation of a new film by a new Israeli film studio, based in the occupied West Bank.

The studio is part of the Zion Adventure Company, an initiative by Israel’s State Films to promote Israel’s national interests through international collaborations and to educate the Israeli public about the Arab world.

Zion Adventure Co-Founder Andres Blau said the project was about Israel having a role in shaping the Middle East.

“It’s not about Israel,” he said.

“It’s about our country.”

The film, titled Israel’s Dream, will be released on the first of three films to be made by the company in partnership with Israeli companies.

It is set to be directed by Israeli director Zeev Elkin, who has worked with Israeli filmmakers including director Zalman Golan and Israeli producer Ilan Borenstein.

The first film will be a documentary about Israeli settlers and will focus on the “Zion Dream”, the narrative of the film.

The second film will explore the Arab countries of the Middle Eastern and North Africa, with a focus on Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Yemen.

The third film will focus around the region’s Palestinian communities, and will explore Israel’s relationship with them.

“The goal of this film is to bring together a group of Arab filmmakers to make a film that is as accurate and truthful as possible about the Israeli occupation and occupation-related issues in the Middle West,” said Zeeb Blau.

“It is a way of showing the Arab and Israeli communities together.”

Blau said there was a need for a film to bring the “Palestinian experience” to the Israeli community.

“There is no documentary that is based on the Arab experience that will be able to convey that,” he added.

“A documentary will be made that tells the story from the perspective of Palestinians, that tells their story from a Palestinian perspective.”

Zion Quest is the third film produced by Zion Adventures, which is also producing the forthcoming film The Dream, which will be produced by Israeli producer Andres Borenst.

“We want to be very transparent about what is happening in the Arab Middle East and that includes Israel,” said Blau, who is also the founder and CEO of Zion Films.

“Israel is the only country in the world that has a film studio that is producing films that are accurate, honest and sensitive to the realities of our own country.”

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