How to create your own tree top adventure book with a DIY tree top project

A couple of months ago, I took a walk through the trees at the top of my house.

It was a beautiful day, and I thought about how beautiful the trees are, and how amazing it is to be outdoors.

My heart ached for trees in general, and the trees of my childhood were very tall and graceful.

I realized I love the trees more when they are full of color.

When I thought of how trees are used in my own garden, I felt the same way, and decided to make my own tree cover to make the trees stand out.

I started with a few things, but I’m sure there are lots more things I could have used.

Here are the basic steps to creating your own Tree Top Adventure Book.


Create your tree cover and stick it in your garden 2.

Make sure it’s weather-proof 3.

Use the same type of material that you use for your walls or ceiling 4.

Paint your tree with a paint you love 5.

Stick the cover in your tree and leave it to grow in your backyard until it’s time to sell it in the fall. 

 This is what I ended up with.

I used two different types of wood, a tree plywood, and a tree twine.

I also used a bit of pinecones, a dried paint, and some leftover wood from my wood cabinet.

I decided to leave a little bit of wood in the top for decoration.

Here’s what it looked like on my tree.

The tree had a bit more color than the picture, but the color was really light.

I didn’t bother to go through the trouble of painting the tree with any kind of paint.

Instead, I just used a paint brush and a bit sandpaper to paint the tree.

 The tree covered in the leaves.

The tree in the background.

The top of the tree covered with a layer of paint, leaving the base of the wood to grow.

I think I could probably get away with using a piece of plywood for this tree.

It would just be too big to make a good tree cover.

You can use any type of wood that is available in your area.

I’m not a big fan of pine, so I chose oak, but pine would be a good choice if you have some wood left over from a previous tree cover project.

To make your tree, you’ll need two things: a plywood and some pineconeshape.


Plywood The plywood that I used for my tree cover is available at Home Depot for $12.

You can also find plywood online for a fraction of the price, or you can use a local lumber yard for a lower price.

If you use plywood as your tree base, you should be able to get away without buying a whole tree.

To make your plywood piece, cut the end of a tree about 3 inches in length, and lay it on the back of a cookie sheet or other flat surface.

Place the plywood on top of your tree in one of the following ways: 1.

Cut a hole through the middle of the ply.

The hole should be at least 3 inches long, but you could easily cut it shorter or longer.


Using a piece for the hole.

Use a large cookie sheet for this step.

Cut the ply out from the side of the sheet.

The plywood should come out of the hole, leaving a small hole about 3 1/2 inches from the edge of the piece.


Using another piece for your hole.

Cut out a piece at least 6 inches long from the ply, about the same size as the ply you just cut out.

The piece should have the same diameter as the hole you just made, and should be about 3/4 inch wide.


Painting your tree to match the wood that you have on your tree piece.

Start with a base of pinecone paint.

Paint the ply with this paint to match your tree’s color.

For this tree, I used a white piece of pine.

The paint that I got at Home Dutchie was about $3 a yard, so it would cost me around $2 to paint it.

Next, I applied the pinecone to the ply in one piece.

To paint the pine on the ply at one time, I painted the pine to match up with the pine I had on my wood.

When the pine was dry, I rubbed a thin layer of white paint over it.

I then added a little more paint to the top to add some color to the paint that had been applied.

You could also use a paintbrush and a small brush to add a little of the paint to your tree.

This is how the finished product looks.

In my case, I added a layer to the base that

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