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A well-preserved guide to adventure mountain climbing, mountain biking and other mountain activities in the world’s best places article Al Jazeera’s Alastair Macdonald has been living in the mountains of Thailand for the last seven years.

His first trip was in the mountainous region of Koh Phangan.

After three months, he had finally climbed Mount Kualan, an impressive peak of over 12,000m (33,000 feet).

“It was very, very impressive,” he told Al Jazeera, “I’d never seen it before.”

Al Jazeera’s Benoit Faucon has been to Thailand more than a dozen times, including in 2011, and is convinced that the country’s incredible natural beauty is the reason for the countrys incredible tourism.

“I really enjoyed the mountain,” he said.

“[I] never thought about climbing it because it was just too challenging.”

 Faucon said he had been in Thailand since 2010 and had never seen the country as beautiful as it is now.

Faucons travel guide, Niamh Mavrath, who is also from Thailand, was the first one to tell Al Jazeera that Thailand was one of the best places to travel.

“I think it’s the first time that you can get a sense of the place and not be afraid of the unknown,” she said.

“If you know the country, you can imagine it is not something to be underestimated.”

The countrys stunning natural beauty, vast landscapes and amazing mountain biking trails are just a few of the reasons why it is one of Thailands best destinations for a night out.

While some of Thailand’s best adventures involve a bit of climbing, other types of outdoor adventure can be enjoyed as well.

Alamy Alamy  Thailand is home to some of the worlds most popular beaches, and many people enjoy the opportunity to swim, surf, or ski, all of which can be found on some of Asia’s best mountain and beach destinations.

Thailand’s famous Phuket River and the beautiful Phraya mountains, both in the north, are also two of the country s most popular destinations.

AlamyAlamy”Phuket river, Phrayab mountains, and Phayawat … it’s just the best,” said Alaskan kayaker and surfer Mike Stokkal.

“It’s so beautiful.

The water is calm, the mountains are beautiful.

It’s like nothing else I’ve ever seen.”

Al Jazeera asked locals to describe Thailands most beautiful places in a number of ways, and found that some of these responses fit into two categories.


Natural beautyAlamy Alaskan Kayaker and Surfer Mike Laughlin said he was more interested in seeing the beauty of the ocean, especially the deep blue waters of the Bismarck Sea.

 “It’s just amazing, the beauty is just unbelievable,” he explained.

Stokkkal said that he was also looking for the best part of Thailand, the coastal cities of Koh Samui and Phuketsar, the country of his birth.

Mavraths first experience with Thailand was on the island of Phuketh.

He was surprised by the abundance of wild flowers, including the wild rose that is found in many parts of Thailand.

Sokkals first experience was at the resort of Phra Nakhon in the province of Koh Pak, a resort that was built by Thais and visitors.

Koh Pak has become a popular tourist destination for many foreigners, including those who have stayed at hotels in Thailand, which is not uncommon in Thailand.

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