Sonic Adventure 2 launches next week

Sonic Adventure II launches next Thursday for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, according to Sonic Adventure producer Scott Moffett, and includes a new multiplayer mode.

The game will include “three new story missions and a new side quest” in its launch, Moffett said.

The story missions will be “in addition to the story missions from Sonic Adventure,” and Moffett didn’t give details.

The first of the new multiplayer missions will involve Sonic going to a “dangerous area of the Moon” and defeating a group of enemies.

“This will be the final chapter of the story,” Moffett told Eurogamer.

“You’ll be back to Sonic the Hedgehog and the world is very different.”

Sonic Adventure’s online multiplayer mode will “be completely new, but you can play with up to six other players on the same Xbox Live network,” Moffeter said.

Sonic Adventure will also include a “new, all-new game mode,” he added.

“We’re also launching a new mobile game for both iOS and Android that will be entirely free to play and will be available for all platforms.”

Sonic Adventures is “still in the very early stages of development,” Moffet said, but it’s been “a long time coming.”

Sonic Quest, which will launch on iOS and Mac on November 17, will also be free to download.

The Nintendo Switch version of Sonic Adventure has been delayed until late next year, but Moffett expects it to launch on November 19.

Sonic Quest is “going to be a free to start, play game,” Moffitt said, “and we have some cool plans for that in the future.”

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