‘Tiny toon’ Disney’s Tiny Toons Adventures and Marceline Adventures are the perfect match

Disney announced Monday that it has teamed up with Little Toon Adventures to create the first ever series of Little Toons adventures and Marcesline Adventures to celebrate the release of Little toons movie Marcelines adventure movie, which will also be available on Amazon.com.

The series, titled Marcels Adventures, will premiere exclusively on Disney Channel on Sept. 12 and will be available to watch on Disney’s digital streaming service, Disney XD, beginning Oct. 5.

The first installment of the series, Marcelle’s Adventures, which premiered last year, follows a small-time thief named Marcela who is caught up in a mysterious plot to steal a powerful weapon from the White House.

After escaping from a police station and becoming the target of a ruthless criminal organization, Marceslle must stop a series of attacks by the group, and stop the deadly weapon before it’s too late.

The second installment of Marcellle’s adventures, MarCELE’S Adventures: Marceles Revenge, which was released earlier this year, will follow a young boy named Marcesle as he embarks on a quest to stop a dangerous group of outlaws and their leader, the legendary thief, the Big Bad.

The third installment, Marci’s Adventures: The Quest For The Big Bad, will be the first entry in Disney XD’s Tiny toon series and follows the adventures of a little girl named Marci as she travels across the country to fight crime, solve mysteries, and save her village from an evil, ancient evil that threatens everything in it.

The Marcele’s Adventure series will premiere on Disney XD on Sept, 12.

The Disney Channel has released a video featuring the first two Marcella Adventures and will debut the third Marceli Adventures on Oct. 6.

Disney XD, which is owned by Disney, Disney Junior, and Pixar, is available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV Stick, Apple HDTV, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One S.

The marceli adventures will be followed by the marceline adventures on Disney Junior on Sept., 15.

The Little Toontown Adventures series will debut on DisneyChannel on Sept 30.

The original Little Toonz Adventures, starring the popular character Marcelio, first aired on Disney Network in 1996 and featured Marcelly as the hero of a popular toon show called The Big Toon Adventure.

Marcelynne, the heroine of the show, is a tomboy, but she can fly and her speed is legendary.

The show’s popular tag line, “She loves to fly and loves to save the day,” was a nod to the Little Toony character.

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