What if there was a place called The Ohana?

It’s hard to believe the Ohana, a small Canadian lake, is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

You may even be able to go there.

The lake is a place you can call home, and it is located just west of Winnipeg, Canada.

It’s the world’s largest frozen lake and is also the world headquarters of the Canadian Wildlife Service.

The Ohana is the worlds largest freshwater lake, measuring 8.4 square kilometers (4 square miles).

It has an area of about 11.3 square kilometers.

This is enough water for one million people.

The Ohanas size makes it the second largest lake in the US after Lake Superior.

It is one hundred percent surrounded by water, and the Ohanas lakes floor is about 40 feet deep.

Its water temperature is about 1,200 degrees Celsius (1,200 Fahrenheit), which is a lot colder than most lakes in North America.

The temperature is so cold that it has an “ice-free” quality to it.

The surface of the lake is so soft and smooth that it’s almost impermeable to human breath.

It is also one of only two lakes in Canada where ice has never melted, which is the other lake in Manitoba.

In fact, this is why the Ohans ice-free conditions are so rare in the region.

Ice is the foundation of the Ohanian ecosystem.

This makes it so unique that the lake has been referred to as “the frozen pond” by some, but the Ohanas water quality is considered among the most pristine and pristine lakes in all of North America, and this is a reason why the lake’s ice-proof status is such a coveted feature of its world-famous wildlife and recreational destination.

In the summer of 2015, a group of scientists and enthusiasts from around the world descended on the Ohanyas frozen pond to document and document how it feels to be inside a world-class freshwater lake.

The team visited four of the lakes and collected data and footage in order to make an interactive and informative video that shows you exactly what it’s like to be there.

They also spent some time filming the Ohannyas famous penguin.

In this video, the team documented the Ohannas unique aquatic ecosystem.

The team filmed the Ohananas unique ecosystem.

They documented the lake as it was during the summer.

In a video released last week, the Ohandas team went on a quest to document how its water quality was.

What they found was remarkable.

The lakes water was completely frozen, and ice-covered ice cover had grown over the entire lake floor, creating a natural snow-covered landscape.

The ice covered ice-coated ice covering was the reason for the incredible underwater video.

The scientists then filmed several Ohanas resident penguins and documented their reactions.

They were shocked to see that the ice-capped ice covered penguins seemed to be having a difficult time surviving.

The penguins were also surprised to see their natural habitat completely covered in ice.

The ice covered water was also so thick that the penguins could barely see through it.

The penguins, who were not able to survive the ice, were eventually captured by a fishing boat and brought back to the Ohnayas lake.

In addition to their research, the researchers have also been helping local people to build their own penguin homes.

One of the coolest things about the Ohands water is that its cold, so the penguin living there is freezing all the time.

The water has also been used for research and education in Canada.

In this video released by the Ohanders, the penguens are filmed as they were in the summertime.

It has been a difficult season for the penguinas, as they are being forced to move to the new home they have built.

The entire process of getting the penguers into their new home took a lot of time, and then they were brought back into the lake for another warm, sunny day.

In just over a year, the project has been very successful.

This is what the Ohanes water looks like in the winter.

This photo shows the ice covered area around the penguine homes.

The video that was released last year by the team shows how much the ice is making a difference.

This video shows the snow covered area, and a penguin in his home.

It was filmed in December 2015 and shows how the snow cover is being used for the project.

It’s important to note that the water in the Ohanna is so fresh that you can get fresh water from the lake, but if the ice covering is gone, the water quality could change dramatically.

You could lose out on a lot in the spring and summer months, especially if the Ohanthas water temperature drops.

The reason for this is because the ice cover has been slowly shrinking over the years.

The glaciers have retreated, and in recent years, the ice sheet has

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