What the hell are you watching? – Shinji adventures

Shinji Adventures is the fourth instalment in the Shinkai saga and the first time the world has been visited by a living spirit in an animated film. 

This latest instalments has taken the form of a web series of shorts that chronicles the adventures of a teenage boy and his two best friends, as they attempt to save their planet from the mysterious forces that threaten to destroy it. 

“Shinji is not just an anime about two teenagers who are lost in the woods. 

It’s also about a teenager who’s lost his friends, lost his future, and lost everything he’s ever known,” Shinkari said.”

I’m very proud of this film and the story that’s been told about it.

I want to make this film for the next generation, and hopefully the next 100 years, to be able to watch as well.” 

Shinji’s journey to the world of Shinjis has started when he is sent to live with his parents in a rural area of Japan. 

While he is able to see the world through the eyes of the young villagers he is unable to communicate with them. 

As the year progresses, his friends and his father discover a new world they can’t remember, one that is populated by mysterious beings called Shinjinis. 

His parents find themselves unable to explain why Shinjini are appearing in Japan, or what they mean for the future of the world. 

In order to save Shinjino, Shinji must use his wits and his instincts to make a choice: choose to save the world, or accept the Shinjins and go home. 

The film’s plot centres around three boys who have lost everything, including their parents. 

They are sent to a place called a Shinkani, a magical forest that houses the spirits of the deceased. 

These spirits are known as Shinjin, which means ‘souls of the dead’. 

Each year, the spirits are able to visit the Shinshinkai and bring back the deceased and return them to life, but each time they are unable to do so. 

Shinjini have been coming back in the form the Shinks for many years, and one day a mysterious person comes and asks them to come back and bring him a new Shinkan. 

When the spirits return, they discover that the Shinki, the Shijins, have gone missing, and Shinji and his friends are the only ones who know why they are gone. 

 “What is the secret behind Shinjutsu? 

How do you control the Shinjin?” 

They begin to realise the power of their Shinjin power when they are sent out on a mission to save Shinkin, and they discover a dark secret about the Shinten, the mysterious beings who live in the forest. 

Each of the boys is sent on an epic journey across Japan, trying to save his parents, and discover what lies in the heart of the forest that is home to the Shinski, Shinsho and Shintens. 

Shinkari has said that this film was inspired by a young boy’s dream of saving his family. 

Its creators have been inspired by children’s books, and have been trying to find inspiration from these books. 

One of the reasons they chose to do the web series is that children’s authors are a big part of Japanese literature. 

Their main inspiration is a young Japanese boy named Kazuhisa, who was writing his story for his second book, and his brother’s story for their third book. 

Kazuhisa was looking to capture the feeling of the Japanese imagination. 

So the web show was inspired, along with the Japanese boy’s imagination.

“The Shinkaris and the Shindans are very similar to the real Shinjinos, and the Shinjais and Shinks share the same essence, and also have the same history,” Shino said. 

“[We want to] explore the Japanese mind, the Japanese spirit, the Shin-ji.” 

In this new web series, the main characters are young boys who want to save an ancient and magical land called Shinkenshi. 

Ikata Shinji, who will be known as Ikata, is the first to realise that he is not the only one who can save Shinji. 

There is another boy, Keiko, who is able as well, but it’s up to Ikata to figure out what’s going on. 

Keiko’s story is one of discovery, and Ikata must stop his own brother from losing the spirit that has been residing in the shinsho for years. 

But the real question is whether Ikata will be able save his own family or will his father lose his own son. 

After the Shinkyuans disappear, the children are able for the first and only time see the

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