What’s next for Adventure Time? Episode 15: ‘You Are The Answer’

As the fifth season of Adventure Time wrapped up, the first season finale was broadcast and aired last night, airing just hours before the show’s upcoming season premiere on Cartoon Network.

As the premiere of season five drew near, the series premiered the teaser trailer for the episode titled “You Are the Answer” and included an interview with creator Pendleton Ward.

“Adventure Time” Season 5 is currently available to stream on CartoonNetwork and on the Cartoon Network app for iOS, Android and the web, while season six will premiere on December 11.

[Update: As of December 10, the premiere date for season six has been pushed back to December 10th, 2016]In addition to the interview, the episode also included a video message from Pendleton, who said he’s “super proud of the series.”

“It’s a lot of fun.

It’s a very fun series,” he said.

“We’re going to continue doing it, and we’re going for it, I don’t know.

I don�t know when we’ll do it.”

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Ward explained how he started writing the show with Pendleton in mind.

“I had a script in my head that was sort of a comic book idea, or at least a little bit,” Ward told the outlet.

“Then I wrote it and Pendleton wrote it, then I started writing it with the idea that we’re a kid show, so I’m trying to make it funny.

I thought that was great, but I also thought it would be fun to have this story about a really important character and this character�s parents, so it became a comic.”

He added that he started developing the characters through sketches, but that the show would be about the family dynamic, which led to the show being developed more as a series of shorts.

“The whole idea of this is that we have this kid, this super super kid, and he�s the answer, and the kid’s parents, the parents are the answer,” he told The Daily Show.

“It has to be really, really good.

I�ve been thinking about how we are going to do it, but it�s kind of a weird thing, but we want to make a really good show.”

Watch the clip below:As for the fate of the entire series, Ward told The Huffington Post that he is “not sure” when season five will be aired, but said that the new series will continue to be developed.

“When we start the next season, we�re going to be doing the first few seasons together, and that�s going to give us the ability to develop this character and the world of this story and the characters,” he explained.

“If I had to say when we would do it … we would.”

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