Which adventure is right for you?

ADVENTURE WRITING: The first thing you’ll want to know about adventure writing is whether it’s right for your type of writing.

You might want to consider the following questions: What is the story?

Who are the characters?

What is going on?

Who is the main character?

Are they in danger?

How does their story develop?

Are there stakes?

Are you writing a story for adults or teens?

Is it for a storyteller or someone who is interested in learning the craft?

Are your readers interested?

Are their interests being met?

Are the stakes high?

Is there an emotional element?

How do you tell the story that’s fun and interesting?

Are those elements important?

If so, then your best bet is to find someone who shares your writing style.

Are they experienced or do they want to jump right into the action?

Are kids interested?

Does the story have a moral?

Are people getting their money’s worth?

Is this your first time writing?

Are a lot of questions being asked?

What are the challenges and rewards of writing adventure fiction?

Are these adventures realistic?

Are adventures the most challenging ones you can possibly imagine?

Is the story a work of art?

Can you take the challenge of writing an adventure story?

Are adventure writing books available?

Are books like the Book of Adventures or Adventures of Conan available?

Is your adventure fiction an educational tool?

Can your reader relate to it?

Do you have an interest in creating your own adventures?

What do you do for fun?

What kinds of adventures do you enjoy?

Do they make you feel like a kid again?

Are any of them available in your area?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want a look at the types of adventures that you can write.

Are there any genres that can be explored that aren’t traditionally adventure?

Is adventure fiction a way for people to connect with the outdoors?

Is Adventureland an international community of adventure lovers?

Is an adventure movie or TV show available?

Do adventure movies or TV shows appeal to adults and kids?

Are horror, sci-fi, or fantasy books or books of adventure available?

Adventure books are available at bookstores, libraries, and at local bookstores.

There are also websites like Adventure.com, Adventurebook.com and Adventurer.com that sell the adventures.

There’s also an array of travel blogs like The Adventure Guide, The Adventurer’s Journal, Adventure and Adventures, Adventures and Stories, Adventure Traveler, Adventureing World, Adventurer World, Adventures of the Great Western Trail, Adventure on the Mississippi, Adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail, Adventures for Adults, Adventures in Adventureland, Adventures Outdoors, Adventure-America, Adventureland Magazine, Adventures North America, Adventure World Traveler and Adventures on Wheels.

You may also want to check out these other websites that will take you through the basics of adventure writing: Adventure Guide

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