Why the Israeli Army has a war on adventure time

Israel has a long history of attacking countries it does not like, but it has never actually used the military to take on a popular TV series.

So when an Israeli army unit invaded a popular animated show on the popular Cartoon Network in 2011, it was a shock to everyone in Israel and around the world.

The episode of Adventure Time, which was filmed in Israel, was one of the first to feature a foreign country in a war, and in it, the kingdom of Agrabah is shown invading a fictional kingdom of the same name.

The kingdom was portrayed as a “renegade” kingdom, but its real history is very different.

Agrabans history is that it has been a kingdom for many thousands of years, and its current ruler, King Daphne, is a descendant of the biblical kingdom of Israel.

The show’s main character, Jake, is the nephew of Daphnes father, King Solomon, and has been raised by a princess named Princess Bubblegum.

When the kingdom invaded the fictional kingdom, Jake and his friends were caught in a trap set by the kingdom’s ruler, an unnamed king, who had been secretly building a fortress.

The princess is able to escape the castle with the help of a princess, Princess Bubble, and her friends, who travel to a nearby island.

The adventure shows a large army of the kingdom fighting against a smaller army led by a mysterious figure who has a similar name.

Adventure Time’s war on the kingdom has a strong cultural history in Israel.

In the Israeli version of the show, King Jafar, a character from the Bible, is depicted as the king of the fictional country.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) took the show off the air in 2012.

When it returned in the 2016 season, the conflict was over, but the episode showed the kingdom was still fighting, with the kingdom using its army to attack Agrabas capital, and a large part of the series’ main cast of Jake, Jake’s friends, Princess Bubbles and the Princesses, along with several other characters were killed.

The war did not end there, though.

After the war, King Jar Jar Binks, a famous character in the show’s history, appeared in the episode.

He has the ability to use magic and is an ally of the Israeli army, but he is also portrayed as evil and corrupt.

In an interview with Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the show producer, Michael Levy, said that while the episode was based on the real story, he was not the writer of it.

It was not immediately clear what was going on with the Israeli government at the time, but Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Israel Broadcasting Authority said they had no comment on the episode’s airing.

The Israeli government has also been criticized for a lack of involvement in the conflict.

The IDF has not publicly commented on the dispute between Israel and the kingdom, nor has it released a statement about the episode or on what prompted the army to invade.

“The IDF was not involved in the production of this episode, and did not direct it,” said an IDF spokesperson.

The conflict with the Kingdom of Agrarianas The Israeli military is known for using its military to intervene in conflicts and even to kill people.

In 2001, Israeli soldiers stormed the Palestinian city of Jenin, which Israel had occupied for more than two decades.

After killing scores of people, Israeli forces stormed the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza and fired on the Palestinian population in the area, killing dozens of civilians and wounding thousands more.

At the time of the raid, a spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces said the troops were “not looking for a conflict, but to defend ourselves from the terror of terrorism.”

In 2009, a group of Israeli soldiers in a convoy of cars crossed into Jordan and killed seven Palestinian villagers in the village of al-Kashr, near the border with Syria.

The army later said it was only after the villagers had fled that it decided to use force.

In 2013, Israeli police shot and killed an unarmed Palestinian man and his father who had fled from their home in the occupied West Bank, where the family had fled their village in a bid to avoid the Israeli occupation.

The Palestinians’ father, Mohammed Qadoura, had been shot in the back while fleeing the Israeli military’s attacks on his family.

In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the attack an act of “ethnic cleansing.”

The Israeli media has also repeatedly criticized the Israeli defense force for its use of excessive force, including a 2014 story in which the army’s top commander said the army is “the last resort.”

At the same time, the IDF has also accused Hamas of being behind the killing of three Israeli teens, including 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir, who was shot dead by Israeli forces in a cross-border attack in 2014.

The teen’s death sparked a massive outcry in the United States and the international community, with many calling

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